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Editing. Proofreading. Translations.

You wish to have your texts corrected? Or need a German translation of your English or Norwegian certificate? That’s what I do – welcome to my website!

I do proofreading of texts from the fields of advertising, the humanities, and for business companies (e. g. websites or promotional material).

As a sworn-in translator for the English and Norwegian language (Landgericht Hannover), I offer certified translations for a variety of texts, e. g. certificates or contracts.


style, cogency, content, logic, structure …


grammar …


• English
• Norwegian


Certified translations


About me

My studies included English Language and Literature. I have been proofreading for advertising agencies, scientists and business companies for more than 10 years now. In 2014, I became a sworn-in translator for the English and Norwegian language (Landgericht Hannover).


Phone: +49-551-30 70 21 51

Mobile: +49-162-155 78 83

E-mail: post@wiebkeblanck.de

Wiebke Blanck
Lektorat. Korrektorat. Übersetzungen.

Immanuel-Kant-Straße 15

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Costs and services

Proofreading. Corrections.

Any text is as unique as its author and will need individual care. Therefore, I provide individual offers for correction and proofreading orders. Please feel free to call me or send an e-mail.

* Proofreading 35.00 € / hour
* Editing 40.00 € / hour

Prices plus value-added tax (19 %).



I usually work for translation agencies but will always be happy to translate your very own certificates into German, English or Norwegian. I charge a fixed overall price for short texts. The calculation for other texts is based on lines (1 line = 55 characters, spaces included). The following line prices shall be used:

* English 1.10 € / line (agencies: 0.85 €)
* Norwegian 1.30 € / line (agencies: 1.00 €)

Prices plus value-added tax (19 %).

For several years, I have been working with Fachübersetzungsdienst GmbH in the field of translations from English/Norwegian into German.

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